20 Ideas for a Perfectly Pampered Self Care Sunday

Ahh Sunday. My favourite day to take for myself! It is the day I like to set aside to focus on me and prepare for the upcoming week.

Now I know that prepping for the week doesn’t necessarily sound like a pampering activity. Well no, but it makes the rest of my week go smoothly and reduces things that cause me stress. If I take time to plan out my week accordingly, then it helps me save time and energy. If you are a full time anything, mom, student or professional, a little planning could literally save lives (well it saves mine anyway). Also, studies show that taking time to prep your week helps increase productivity. I mean think about it, you’re spending less time in your morning trying to figure out what you need to get together and more time focusing on your day.

I also like to set aside some time in my Sunday to do things for myself, even if it is as small as taking 30 minutes for a bubble bath with some essential oils or going to grab a cup of coffee at my favourite coffee house.

Here are some ideas on how to pamper yourself this Sunday!

How do you like to indulge in self-care?

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