Motivation Monday: My Motivation Playlist

Music is a funny thing, for me, it always sparks feelings and inspires different moods.

According to psychological studies, music has been shown to increase cognitive functioning, mood and has even been shown to be effective with helping pain management.

So this Monday, when you desperately need a boost or some inspiration for your week, a motivation playlist is the way to go! Because, well, science says so.

When I want to be motivated, I listen to songs that make me feel like a bad ass goddess. Keep reading to find out what is on my motivation playlist:

My Motivation Playlist

Bad Girls —MIA

God is a Woman — Ariana Grande

Feeling Myself– Nikki Manaj ft. Beyonce

Fergalicious – Fergie

Look What You Made Me Do– Taylor Swift

Bitch Better Have My Money- Rhianna

Diva- Beyonce

Do My Thang– Miley Cyrus

M.I.L.F $ — Fergie

Who Run The World (Girls)– Beyonce

What songs motivate you?

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