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Spring Wardrobe Wish List

March 18, 2019

With all the snow that’s been happening here in Denver, it sure does not feel like spring is right around the corner.

BUT for those of us who are sick of snow and are ready for some sunshine, spring is upon us! Now having moved from a place where it was wet and rainy year around, I have not updated my wardrobe for the sunny days. So, I have been looking around a lot at pieces to add to my wardrobe for spring and I figured I would share with all you beauties!

If you are like me and LOVE earthy tones, you will adore the colours coming out of this spring season. Most of what I have been seeing for spring trends are very earthy. This makes me so happy because earthy tones are also perfect for fall. Meaning, if you buy spring pieces strategically, you will have pieces you can easily layer for a fall look when that time comes around. Fall is my favourite season to dress for. So, the fact that fall colours are present this spring makes me more excited than normal for the spring collections coming out of the stores.

Spring Fashion Colour Palette:

Most things in season right now have a similar colour palette to them, they tend to be khakis, creams, olive greens, burnt orange, tan and maybe some dusty rose colours. Now like I said, I am all for this, as these colours translate magnificently into fall. If you can re-wear pieces from season to season, it will save you time and money. Both wins, if you ask me.

Also, if you have not seen, snake print is so in this season! I have been scouring the web for some snake print to add to my collection this season!

My Wish List:

Some of these items I may have added to my wardrobe already….the others are idling in my shopping cart waiting for my next pay check…. maybe my tax return too.

YAS for Mom Jeans:

I LOVE my mom jeans. I was always a skinny cut type of girl and if I did own jeans, they were black (we could thank my high school’s SUPER strict dress code for this fashion suppression) BUT I recently purchased a pair of light wash mom jeans as a staple piece in my Capsule Wardrobe.

I can confidently say, I absolutely adore them, especially for spring. They are a light wash, so they go with all my light coloured clothing and fit a spring vibe. They are also comfortable and can give me a casual vibe without me looking homeless. Which for me, is a hard aesthetic to accomplish.


It is getting hot, but shorts are usually not acceptable work wear, so I really want a pair of culottes that I can wear to work and out. These are a linen fabric, so they should be light and breezy. They work well for spring because they still provide some coverage, but they won’t cause me to overheat.

Snake Print Shoes

I decided, the way I am incorporating snake print this season is through my shoes. It provides a pop of texture, but as a seasonal and Fad piece, I won’t be too upset when snake print inevitably goes out of style. I wanted a pair of heels because the heels look good with the length of cropped pants.

I have been trying to pair my cigarette pants with boots at work and something about the length of the pants and the boots make my legs look short and weird. When wearing a cropped pant like a culottes, shoes with a low cut like heels, flats and mules make your legs look taller (half of fashion is playing with proportions).

This Gorgeous Khaki dress

Okay so this piece is one of my faves because it is an easy Spring to Summer piece. I ordered this bad boy like two days ago, and I am anxiously waiting for its arrival. For spring, I will be pairing it with a ribbed creme crop top underneath. Then, when it gets super hot, it will work beautifully on its own. Not to mention, I am a sucker for green. I love neutral colours, but green in almost any shade that I will add to my wardrobe.

A Lightweight Trench Coat

I love trench coats. They are a classic spring staple in any wardrobe.

This one is long and is more of a tan than the traditional beige. I will admit, this is another piece that is currently traveling its way from across the ocean to be added to my wardrobe.

I love that trench coats work for multiple seasons. You can wear them in spring while you still require some cover, but then you can wear them in fall as well before the winter jackets need to emerge from the back of the closet. Plus, a classic trench coat will never go out of fashion.

Shop This Post:

I have a slight obsession with ASOS, so you can find all the products from this post on the ASOS website. Here are the links from my wish list <3

I cannot wait to add some of these to my closet this spring season! What is on your spring must have list?

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  • Reply
    Ashley Anderson
    March 20, 2019 at 2:21 pm

    This is a great post. I have everything you mention on my wishlist as well!

  • Reply
    Kendra | Self-Care Overload
    March 20, 2019 at 11:13 pm

    Hi Blue!
    I love your style. I’m so into trench coats and I love love the khaki dress! Definitely will be adding those to my wishlist ๐Ÿ™‚


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