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Hello lovelies,

My name is Blue DeBell and I am originally from Denver, Colorado, although I call Glasgow, Scotland home. I am a full time student studying for an LLb in Common Law. I am also an avid pole dancer, Disney lover and all around travel junkie.

Like everyone, I have many layers. This blog has become an outlet for me to express my passions that I often don’t get to express. I love learning about health and wellness and often attempt to apply it to my own life (albeit sometimes more sporadically than I would like…). I also love expressing myself through fashion and trying new trends. And though I love makeup, I have a special passion for skin care (just ask my boyfriend about my skin care collection).

As you can probably guess from my chosen career choice, I love knowledge that is rooted in scientific fact and reason. Therefore anything I apply to my life is thoroughly researched. I feel like if I understand the science and reasoning behind something, I am way more likely to implement it into my routine. I hope this blog allows you to gain some new knowledge about things you are passionate about.

I find so much joy in getting to share things I have learned on my blog as well as bettering myself in the process. I hope that you too can connect with things that you are passionate about and inspire you to live your best life.

Thank you for visiting my blog and keep in touch!

P.S if you wanted to know a bit more about the random stuff, here is my 73 Vogue Style Interview:

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